What are Assisted Sales?

You have several options here. You could either just sell the property and hope for the best, hold onto the property for longer in the hope that the housing market picks up and you will make a larger profit on it, or you could maximise the profits on it fast by using an assisted sales scheme. This is where you bring in the services of a professional property expert ie our Company, to help you sell it on.

For instance, when you own a house, it can sometimes be hard for you to identify where improvements need to be made. Bringing someone else in i.e. our Company – Properties Required. We can highlight areas where you could update the property for a small cost but ultimately reap big rewards in terms of Selling your property more quickly. This could include things like replacing the guttering, painting the front of the house, tidy up the garden and redecorating the property. Basically, it’s all about helping to get your property up to the highest standard so we can help you, to gain maximium value, as well as selling your property.

How we work:-

We generally fix a price of how much is owed on your property ie Mortgage plus Redemption Fee etc, we then aim to sell for Today’s Market Value or slightly under for a quicker sale.

The difference between fix price and sale price is split 60/40 in our favour.

From our 60% share. We will pay for all legal costs, refurbish costs, advertising and marketing costs, your property will be marketed on all the property portals


Fix Price is £100,000

Sell for £125,000

£25,000 difference

60% split – £15,000

40% split – £10,000

So you will receive £100,000 + 40% share £10,000 – Total £110,000