Guaranteed Rent

From 1 to 5 Years +

We are able to offer Landlords a Guaranteed Rent from 1 to 5 Years +

We require All Types of Properties that we can offer a Guaranteed Rent on, in the Essex Area. From a Studio Flat to a Large HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupants, we will even look at taking on Guest Houses.

NO Fees Charged, letting agents would charge you to find a Tenant, Monthly Charge around 10% etc, etc which would cost you £1000’s of pounds, over the course of years. You would pay us Nothing !!

We can take on properties that require a light refurbishment or work with the landlord to bring the property up to a lettable condition.

You will receive your Rent, even if empty, No Voids !!!

If this is of interest to you, call us on 01702 482235  or Email us on:-